Respect for IP

Committing to being in compliance with the international regulatory requirements and respecting for OEM’s Intellectual property rights, Mito has taken great efforts and made considerable investments to guarantee that both Mito and our customers are protected from potential patent lawsuit.

Technical Support

We have built an entire R&D and Engineering team to ensuring that Mito’s products are all not infringed upon OEM patents.

Law Firm Cooperation

Cooperated with senior local law firms which have has practiced in the fields of international law, international trade regulation, and intellectual property law since 1991.

Licensed Empty Importer

Mito is one of the licensed empty importers in Chinese consumables industry. Only IP Compliant components are adopted in our manufacturing process.

Patent Achievement

Mito is declared as “High Tech Enterprise Company” by the Chinese government and possessed over 40 patents for self-innovation.

New Technology Development

Mito consistently develop new technologies and patented products meanwhile adds new features and values to the old ones to remain competitive in the market.

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