Mito IP-Safe Solution
Mito Color Imaging (known as Mito) recently announced that the company has been granted a new patent solution for its new Canon Toner Cartridges regarding to Canon’s European Patent EP1 977 289 (also known as EP 289). 

Patent EP 289 is aimed at protecting the mechanism for separating developer roller from OPC drum under the action of second force receiving portion. In Mito’s new design, the developer roller and OPC drum are never separating from each other.
Mito launched their own patent safe solution, precisely avoided the core patent protected by EP 289 description.The company has significantly improved and restructured the core part of OEM design, to ensure the perfect compatibility between Toner cartridge and Printer. Mito’s patented designed Toner Cartridge has outstanding printing quality and stability, and this patent solution is suitable for all Canon and HP Toner cartridges with EP 289 Patent design as shown below:

The General Manager of Mito, Ms Wendy Duan stated that the company always respect Intellectual Property Right of OEM and any other third party. During the design and development procedure of new products, Mito invests large resources in patent studying and researching, and innovation is always a core part of Mito’s business. The company will continue providing innovative and high quality products, and help our partners with further success in their markets.

For more information, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]
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