Mito’s Premiere in Italy

From 13rd to 15th of November, Mito was exhibiting in BIG BUYER 2019 as the premiere in Italy which brought the most innovative and environment-friendly products to this show in Bologna.

BIG BUYER for 24 years has been the unique trade show in Italy of the stationery & office sector that brings the leading manufacturers and top brands together, both national and international with the professional buyers.

Mito invited friends to visit the show. Mito is one of the world's largest remanufactured toner cartridge companies dedicated to recycling and remanufacturing. Moreover our group’s unique group supply integration strategy and complete value chain ensures that every environment-friendly product, from raw materials to components, from assembly to delivery, is under our control. With more than 16 years of professional experience, Mito gained a high reputation in the world for its high quality, good color reproduction, high compatibility and outstanding performance. We cherish the support of our friends and seek long-term sustainable business partnership. Mito is committed to providing our customers with premium quality products and one-stop printing consumable solutions.

To learn more and how you can take advantage of Mito's program, please contact us. 

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