Exhibition Review: Mito Has Been Highly Praised For the Quality

BUSINESS-INFORM 2019 Expo was held in May 15-17, in Moscow. Mito participated and gained an honor again. As an office printing professional international exhibition, the expo is devoted to office equipment, printing supplies, and components, also offers the latest industry reports as well for depth exchanges.

More than 70 companies participated in, and Mito’s booth is AB1 this year. As a leading manufacturing company, Mito not only brought new products, but also update the group developing dynamics to the Russian printing supplies market. Automation and the arrangement of whole supply chain are the most important targets for industrial upgrade. Mito has been investing in intelligent automated production since 2016, and certainly benefits from it. Automated production lines doubled the capacity, improved consistency, and reduced manual mistakes. And the advantages of automated production ensure us to provide premium high quality products for our Russian customers. Through the exhibition, we get more information about the detail of Russian printing supplies market, which helps us to expand and serve more customers better.

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